Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

Taylor Swift Dispensing Parfume

IN the middle of a brilliant career, Taylor Swift still like to develop other talents, which is concocting a perfume. Its rays as the star is expected to be reflected through the perfume.
This talented young singer has been a steady plunge in the perfume business. This is evidenced Swift in concocting perfumes seriousness of his work. To smooth the intention of its business, Swift has signed contracts with leading cosmetics company Elizabeth Arden.
"I really like how fragrance can shape a person's memory. The smell can remind you of events that happen in your life. Lately, I've been experimenting with combining some of my favorite flavor, so I'm so excited to work with Elizabeth Arden to create their own unique fragrances, "said the blonde singer, was quoted by Contactmusic, Thursday (04/11/2010) .
The plan, the perfume will be circulated in the market next year. Chanter "Love Story" is directly involved in the development, packaging, and marketing of her perfume. Swift was chosen as a business partner Elizabeth Arden is not separated from his personality which was considered to represent the product.
"The important thing for us is Swift represented as a public figure, as a role model that inspired its fans. For that, we hope to launch a new perfume that reflects the talented young artists, "said Executive Vice President Elizabeth Arden, Ron Rolleston.

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