Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Taylor Swift New Album

1. “Mine”
2. “Sparks Fly”
3. “Back to December”
4. “Speak Now”
5. “Dear John”
6. “Mean”
7. “The Story of Us”
8. “Never Grow Up”
9. “Enchanted”
10. “Better than Revenge”
11. “Innocent”
12. “Haunted”
13. “Last Kiss”
14. “Long Live"

Taylor Swift’s much-awaited third studio album SPEAK NOW finally arrived in stores today, and it looks like fans have already started trying to work out who each of the songs are about. Names that have been mentioned include Taylor Lautner and of course, Kanye West.
As reported by WendyM at, Swift tends to write songs that are related to personal experiences of hers, and the songs on “Speak Now” appear to be about an ex-boyfriend, someone who almost became a boyfriend or another girl who maybe got in the way of a relationship.
When speaking about the new album, Taylor said that every single track is like a road map to what certain relationships meant. However, the 20-year old didn’t give any more details as to who the songs were about, as she claimed that everyone will know.
One example of this is the “Back to December” song, which talks about her apologizing to an ex-boyfriend. All the signs appear to point towards it being about “Twilight” star Taylor Lautner. Then we have the “Dear John” single, which is rumored to be about John Mayer.
In the meantime, “The Story of Us” track talks about bumping into an ex at an awards ceremony, with some guessing that this could be Joe Jonas. Finally, we have the “Innocent” single, which we should all know by now is about the Kanye West/VMA Awards 2009 incident. What do you think of Taylor Swift’s new album? Who do you think the songs are about? We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

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